Monday, November 10, 2014

#songaday 10

Just looking at some photos from my friends' wedding and remembering how much I enjoyed DJing their party. As I write these songs each day, something feels rather flat. I'm wondering if it's the lack of interaction with other people. The excitement I get when I'm DJing a set of music comes from wondering how people will respond, and how I can be of use to everyone's experience. And it also comes from the knowledge that I can share some of my favorite songs with people for at least some small amount of time.

I guess I'm starting to think that I should book some gigs or seek out some open-mics to get some of these songs out into the open. To see what people think of them, but also to just know that, while they are works in progress, they are also songs that I can share with people, just the way I can share music when I DJ. I'm purposefully not recording them as I write them, because I don't want to have any false premises that they are finished in some way, and I tend to get lazy once I have a song committed to a file on my computer. But, at the same time, I'd like to know that these songs have some effect on a listener, and I'd like to know what the effect is.

Tonight's song was a rather long, one-chord riff about going to a party in college and how I felt while I was there. I didn't have a good time. But there's no specific reason why. Just like there wasn't at the time. The song ends up being an expression of what it felt like to be in my own head that night. And it's just a little bit angry, too. I like one-chord songs, as long as the words make up something you can hang your hat on. Mine aren't quite there yet. But that's what revising is for.

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