Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#songaday 5

In today's song, I experimented with a verse/chorus structure with no repeating sections. Meaning, to my mind, I hear the first section of the song as the verse and the second section as the chorus, and then the song ends. In the past when I've tried this structure, I've considered the real possibility that I was just being too lazy to write additional words and music. This is maybe the first time when I've stopped writing and felt like the song actually had all it needed.

It's tentatively called "Fighting Season," a term I heard on the news today. I believe it was used in the context of Afghanistan, and referred to the period of time in the year when weather permits fighting to actually take place. So that's interesting. My song is more about how Election Day felt as it was coming to a close yesterday. But kind of like a dream of Election Day. Not the real thing. If only.

The pulleys and levers have been broken down
Some have won and some have lost
Ghosts in suits played Pied Piper flutes
Then went to their hotels at the end of the day

Some raised the flag, some popped champagne
Some cried on stage, some cried alone in the rain
Children awoke as the mics fed back
No moon and no stars when the sky became black

Fighting season came and went, just like it did before
I only saw half the show
You only saw half the show
Tonight the press corps wolves are out running the streets, 
But fighting season is over
Fighting season is over

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