Sunday, November 2, 2014

#songaday 2

I just wrote a quiet song. Sometimes I don't know whether I want my songs to be loud or quiet or in the middle. I think I'm a pretty quiet person, but I don't see why that should translate necessarily into the types of songs I try writing. Today it just fit. I was sick most of the weekend and spent a lot of time sleeping or just lying around the apartment. I'm remembering a few years ago, when I had strep throat and a fever of 104, I wrote a song called "New Year's Day" and it had some words about someone's throat being on fire. That track ended up being the song that I wrote that I've performed most, since I played and sung it regularly when I was gigging with the awesome Sarah Holtschlag. Now that I think of it, that was a pretty quiet song, but when we played it with a full band, I liked how loud it felt. Something to think about: how the instrumentation and implementation of the song interacts with the original quality of the song when I wrote it. Does a song even have an inherent quality?

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